Case Study

Foodbuy Hospitality Reveals Opportunity for $173K Increase in Diverse Spend

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The Challenge:

In keeping with their dedication to positively impacting the community and following consumer trends, this Member sought help with a variety of initiatives. After successes with sustainability, employee wellness, and community mental health programs, this Member wanted to use the momentum to propel into the next logical step, supplier diversity. The Member expressed an interest in learning about supplier diversity and how Foodbuy can support relevant programs.

The Solution:

First, the Foodbuy account manager and the Supplier Diversity Team provided a list of diverse suppliers for the Member to consider while creating a customized presentation and action plan. The list also included a stocking matrix that highlighted items already available at the Member’s distributor locations, for easy sampling and ordering.

Then, Supplier Diversity presented a summary of Foodbuy’s work on Supplier Diversity, including our strategic vision, history of progression, and methods of tracking diverse spend. Next, Foodbuy provided an overview of our specific programs including a robust database of diverse suppliers, the Diverse Supplier Accelerator program, and the BIPOC Farmer Program. The Supplier Diversity Team and the Account Manager calculated and presented the Member’s current Diverse Spend, and then analyzed the non-diverse spend.

The Results:

$173,284 estimated diverse spend conversion opportunity identified by Foodbuy’s Supplier Diversity Category experts.

$25,872 the potential increase in Member’s diverse spend per year upon conversion from broadline to regional produce distributors at 4 locations.

$8,597 projected annual savings by moving spend to diverse suppliers of Foodbuy Hospitality due to breadth and depths of Supplier Diversity programs available.

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