Our supplier diversity team seeks to identify certified Women and Minority Owned Businesses and Enterprises (WMBEs) for inclusion in Foodbuy's sourcing opportunities. Having a well-rounded supplier base helps to better anticipate the needs of the people we serve and enables us to provide products and services that are specialized, competitively priced and innovative.

certified Women and Minority Owned Business and Enterprise (WMBE) partnerships and growing
suppliers participating in the 2022 Diverse Supplier Accelerator Program
Diverse Supplier Accelerator Program

Diverse Supplier Accelerator Program

Accelerating the Growth of Women and Minority-Owned Enterprises

Suppliers selected to participate in the accelerator program are assigned a dedicated Foodbuy mentor. The program lasts 12 months, with the first three months devoted to creating development and activation plans, followed by nine months of execution and progress tracking. The mentor serves as the supplier’s primary point of contact throughout the program. In 2021, 11 suppliers completed the program. In 2022, we are pleased to welcome 10 new suppliers to the program.

Foodbuy Hospitality Provides Access to a Variety of Suppliers

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