Make Sure Your Properties Are Fun for the Whole Family

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Working in the hospitality industry means appealing to a wide range of travelers. One of the most difficult groups to market to can be families with children. When positioning yourself as a family travel location, you want to make sure you’re offering activities and accommodations for both children and their parents, which can feel like a hard line to walk. Luckily, Foodbuy Hospitality has several techniques you can use in your operation.


Provide Child-Friendly Spaces

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Accommodating family travel doesn’t have to come at the expense of your child-free guests. The best way to create a great experience for both groups is to designate specific, child-friendly spaces. These areas should be specifically designed with children’s – and parents – needs in mind. Here are some spaces you can adapt to be child-friendly:


Pools can feature child-friendly areas with shallow water and fenced-in spaces.

Restaurants can include a family waiting area with toys and children’s books.

Themed family suites can add a level of fun to booking for families.


Family suites are an especially great way to make sure family travel groups have everything they need to enjoy their trip. Consider offering special amenities like cribs, highchairs, and baby-proofing kits to make traveling with infants and toddlers hassle-free. Personalize the guest experience by including welcome gifts, bedtime stories, and children’s amenities to ensure that every member of the family feels valued and cared for.


Prioritize Safety and Accessibility

Family travel groups can include young children, grandparents, and those with various mobility needs. As a result, many families will seek out hotels and resorts that prioritize safety and accessibility.

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Hospitality operators should make sure that they’re up to date on ADA requirements, then you have the option to go above and beyond when it comes to accommodating versatile needs. That might mean increasing your percentage of handicap-specific rooms or adding more ramps around entrances for both wheelchairs and strollers.

You may also want to look into child-focused safety elements like stocking all swimming areas with lifeguards and establishing secure play areas.


Add Kid’s Menus to Each Eatery

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Adding kid-friendly options to your in-house eateries may seem like a no-brainer, but many hospitality operations can forget their youngest guests when menuing. It’s important to create kid-friendly menus with healthy options.

Are you starting a new kid’s menu from scratch? Try drawing inspiration from the ingredients you always keep on hand. A mac and cheese side can become a kid’s main or ground beef for pasta can become a kid’s hamburger.

Guest Satisfaction Regardless of Age

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When focusing on guest satisfaction, a welcoming atmosphere will make travelers of all ages feel at home. You’ll never miss when you train your staff to anticipate the needs of families and provide personalized service with a smile.

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