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When it comes to hospitality, every detail matters. Everything your guest experiences during their time with you makes an impression, from the cleanliness of your facility to the options at your vending area. What if you could find one hotel procurement solution for the products and services behind the experience? Foodbuy Hospitality offers a diverse catalogue that goes far beyond food sourcing for our leisure, gaming, resort and hotel clients. Whether you’re looking for small wares and other products or hotel services procurement, get to know some of our best-in-class suppliers below.

Dressing Your Front-of-House Staff for Success With Cintas

Cintas helps more than one million businesses of all types and sizes get READY™ to open their doors with confidence every day by providing a wide range of products and services that enhance our customers’ images and help keep their facilities and employees clean, safe and looking their best. With products and services including uniforms, floor care, restroom supplies, first aid and safety products, fire extinguishers and testing, and safety and compliance training, Cintas helps customers get Ready for the Workday®

Reassure your customers of your meticulous standards with Cintas apparel, available for purchase or rental. Both programs offer distinct advantages for various hospitality job functions and will have your employees feeling completely confident in what they’re wearing — with stylish, retail-inspired apparel that includes selections from Carhartt® and more.


Outfitting Your Kitchen Crew With ChefWorks

Fine dining always involves a level of presentation. That goes beyond plating and place settings. You want your culinary staff to be dressed in professional uniforms. ChefWorks conforms to your uniform needs for both front-of-house and back-of-house staff – providing chef coats, pants, aprons, headwear, dress shirts and polo’s. Your kitchen staff will have everything they need to provide an elevated feel to your in-house dining program.

Maintaining Your Building With KBS

When it comes to hotel services procurement, facility maintenance should be at the top of your list. Luckily, Foodbuy Hospitality can connect you with KBS. Serving over 100,000 properties daily, this supplier offers:

Contract cleaning services
Landscaping services
Snow removal services

As North America’s largest privately-owned facilities provider, KBS services more than 2.9 billion square feet every day. Your property could be one of them with a call to your account manager.

Equipping Your Kitchen and Cleaning Staff with Edward Don & Company

Food is just the beginning when working with an all-in-one hotel procurement solution. That’s why Foodbuy Hospitality works with Edward Don & Company. This supplier has been providing “everything but the food” to hospitality clients since 1921. DON stocks over 12,000 items in seven full-service distribution centers from small wares, cleaning supplies, and kitchen tools, to linens and more, while leveraging its buying power from 3,000+ “DON-approved” suppliers.


Creating Comfortable Spaces With HD Supply

When your guests get to their rooms, they’ll want to have everything they need at their fingertips. That’s where HD Supply comes in. This supplier offers over 70,000 products, including all vital guest amenities like soaps, pillows, and irons.

HD Supply has over 40 distribution centers spread across 25 states, allowing them to provide an expansive offering of high-quality, name-brand and proprietary products. Plus, you won’t have to deal with multiple orders coming in – HD Supply is now able to consolidate orders for fewer deliveries and easier on-site management.

If you’re looking to take your rooms to the next level, HD Supply can help with that, too. Their team can install toilets, LED light fixtures and water heaters. Their higher efficiency systems will allow you to save money on utilities while making your establishment eco-friendlier.

Create Your Custom Procurement Strategy

As your ultimate hotel procurement solution, Foodbuy Hospitality leverages the buying power of Compass Group to provide you with everything you need to run your business. You’ll have the last word in the programs you use, making choices that’ll save you money on product and hotel services procurement.

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