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Going green isn’t just good for the planet – it’s good for your wallet. As travel begins to pick up across the nation, more travelers are prioritizing sustainability than ever before. The Booking.com 2021 Sustainable Travel Report found that 46% of participants want to travel more sustainably in the future. So, how can you begin to meet the needs of consumers? You can start with your hospitality procurement strategy.

 The Trend Towards Sustainable Travel


The past few years have not only limited consumer ability and willingness to travel, but it’s also changed the way people think about their impact on the world. 61% of participants in the Booking.com survey stated that the pandemic made them want to travel more sustainably. Plus, 53% said that they were annoyed when places they stayed stopped them from sustainable practices – for example, by not providing recycling bins.


What does this mean for hospitality and leisure enterprises? Failing to incorporate – and advertise – sustainable practices could cause you to lose potential customers.


Increasing Sustainability in Your Food Supply Chain Management Plan


Focusing on sustainability in your food supply chain is a great place to start when making eco-friendly changes to your business. Consumers are now more aware of not only where their food comes from – but the carbon impact of producing and transporting foods.


There are several ways you can become more sustainable through your current hospitality procurement plan, including:


Sourcing more products from local and regional suppliers to limit carbon released through shipping.

Sourcing produce based on what crops are in-season, to limit the need to import produce from other countries.

Offering plant-based alternatives to meat dishes, as raising livestock releases more carbon than growing plants.

Replacing single-use plastic cutlery, plates, and cups with compostable and recyclable alternatives.


Finally, you can adjust your hospitality procurement strategy in order to source from suppliers who focus on sustainable practices.


Finding Sustainable Sourcing Options


Foodbuy Hospitality’s vast portfolio of programs gives you the necessary flexibility to source sustainably. You can opt into local, regional, and broadline programs that fit your needs, without increasing your environmental impact.


We focus on enhancing sustainability in the food supply chain at every step. That includes participating in initiatives like National Stop Food Waste Day, but also using third-party certifications to ensure that we’re sourcing from environmentally responsible manufacturers.  Talk to the team at Foodbuy Hospitality about procurement changes you can make to benefit the planet now.


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