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You hold your facilities to a high standard, whether you own a resort, hotel, or casino. To keep your properties pristine, you’ll need a procurement plan for housekeeping supplies. That’s where Network Distribution’s (Network) housekeeping and foodservice disposable supply programs come into play.


Through Foodbuy Hospitality, this supplier provides great prices on:


Janitorial supplies

Towels and tissues

Can liners

Housekeeping chemicals

Hand soap and sanitizers


Apparel and safety


Not sure if the programs from Network are a good fit for your enterprise? Read below to learn more about this Foodbuy Hospitality supplier.

Simplifying Distribution for Ordering Consolidation and Better Fill Rates

You rely on suppliers for housekeeping and foodservice disposable products across locations. A missing or delayed delivery could mean serious issues for your brand. After all, there’s nothing guests hate more than an unkempt space. A supplier that manages your distribution needs effectively is necessary.


Network consistently maintains fill rates within 90-99% through a simplified process. They have distribution centers spread throughout the nation. With 600 warehouses and over 7,000 specialists in their various locations, this company can satisfy orders in any U.S. region in a timely manner.


Product Options That Satisfy Your Needs

When it comes to housekeeping and foodservice disposable supplies, how much are you focusing on the quality of products that your team uses? Cleaning solutions, towels, and safety supplies are not all made equal. You want to use materials that you know will work.

Network’s product catalog includes well-known branded items, meaning you can find your preferred manufacturers. You can even turn to them for foodservice items, including napkins, cups, and cutlery.

Many hospitality operators want to focus on sustainability in sourcing. Luckily, Network has solutions to meet these needs, as well. They source items manufactured with sustainable raw materials and packaged to eliminate waste. You can also take advantage of their selection of high-performance cleaning products made without hazardous chemicals.

 Take Advantage of Potential Savings

Sourcing your housekeeping and foodservice disposable supplies on your own could mean that you’re missing out on savings. It’s easy for Foodbuy Hospitality members to switch to Network’s programs for huge financial benefits. On average, our clients save about 8-12%+ on this program conversion, however, the numbers vary based on business size and products chosen. The more you order – the more you stand to save.

Ready for a Program Change?

If you’re interested in taking advantage of one of the many Network programs available through Foodbuy Hospitality, tell your account manager right away. Our team can help you discover programs that will suit your needs and budget.

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