Our Hotel Supply Network Can Keep Your Guests Happy


Maintaining a clean, functional facility plays a big role in driving guest satisfaction. That’s why many owners and management companies work with hotel procurement companies like Foodbuy Hospitality. Our reliable hotel supply network can help you solve guest problems before they happen.


Here’s a list of common guest complaints and how our programs can help you avoid them.


Complaint: “My Room Is Too Hot/Too Cold”

No matter what part of the country your hospitality operation is based in, you likely rely heavily on your HVAC system. If the air conditioner shorts out at your beachfront resort or the heater breaks at your ski-in-ski-out hotel, you’ll have some disgruntled guests on your hands.


As your hotel procurement company, Foodbuy Hospitality can help you find HVAC technicians who will regularly perform system maintenance. Once your preventive services are scheduled, you’ll worry less about unforeseen issues.


Complaint: “Room Service Is Always Out of Something”

When providing food at your in-house restaurant or through room service deliveries, you want to make sure your full menu is always available. Working with Foodbuy Hospitality gives you a safety net. If there’s a shortage in a product, our hotel supply network is large enough to find replacement items as soon as possible. That way, you can be sure your best sellers are always in stock.


Complaint: “My Room Feels Dirty”

Nothing ruins a hotel’s rating like poorly maintained rooms. Older sheets, pillows, and towels are often the culprits when it comes to making a room seem dirty. That’s why opting for new, high-quality linens is essential. We work with many linen suppliers offering products for rental and sale. You can browse a wide range of products in different materials and styles for the perfect fit.


Complaint: “I Didn’t Like the Breakfast Options”


If your breakfast bar needs an update, Foodbuy Hospitality can help. We’ll do what we do best as a hotel procurement company: introduce you to new suppliers and help give your menu a refresh. Your account manager can make suggestions based on your current menu and what’s popular at similar establishments. Plus, we have a dedicated Culinary Solutions Team that can help you get creative with your offerings.

Making your hospitality enterprise feel like a home isn’t easy. That’s why you need a trusted procurement partner in your corner. Foodbuy Hospitality offers a wide range of solutions that go beyond food and beverage procurement. Learn more about us today by speaking with a sales representative.


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