Fight the Post-Summer Slump 


School is back in session across the country. While that doesn’t mean that tourism and travel have ground to a halt, it does mean a slowdown for weekday guests. If you want to keep your locations booked and busy, you’ll want to employ a few best practices and helpful strategies. 


Read on to learn how to promote hotel business during a slowdown. 


Invest in Your Hotel Restaurant 

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While overnight guests may be scarcer at this time of year, you can still attract visitors through your hotel or resort restaurant. Revamping your menus and promoting limited time offers can attract your area’s locals to dine with you rather than local dining establishments.  


When looking at how to promote hotel business, a comprehensive approach will make an impact. A solid restaurant can only improve your overall reputation. Plus, if prospectives guests book hotels with dining options in mind, this could give your property a competitive advantage. 


Put an Emphasis on Business Travel 


During the fall, you may see fewer families strolling into your lobby. Additionally, less events and weddings are booked after October. However, business travel is still alive and well during this season. 


You can win these travelers over by making sure you offer options like: 

Top view of business colleagues arriving with luggage at conference. Business people with luggage walking together and chatting.


  • Discounted or priority to reserve meeting spaces for hotel guests 
  • Group booking blocks, competitive rates, and value-added benefits 
  • Conference hosting capabilities 


Do you have a large business travel group booked for a visit? Make sure your staff is well-versed on protocols and your concierge can guide these visitors to any conference centers or nearby businesses. Going the extra mile can secure return bookings. 

Team Up With Local Businesses 


Who says you have to go it alone? Uniting with other local businesses and groups can be a great way to generate exposure and interest in your properties. Perhaps you can create a joint promotion with local tourist attractions or get involved in a local event series. Community involvement can help you get noticed and gain traction with future guests.  


Use the Slow Season Wisely 

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While focusing on how to promote hotel business is important, there are many ways to best use your property’s slower season. One way to make the most of fall is to use it as a planning time for the upcoming holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holidays are just around the corner. Now is the ideal time to plan for holiday specials and events. 


Plus, it’s a great time to look at your current processes and determine whether you need to make any changes or improvements. Maybe your training process is outdated, or your staff needs new uniforms. With fewer guests taking up your time, you can focus on the day-to-day needs of running a successful hospitality operation. 


No matter how you decide to use your slow season, Foodbuy Hospitality is here to help you with any purchasing decisions. Ask your account manager about savings opportunities and our operating and culinary consultative services today. 


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