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When you think of your company’s brand, you may imagine your logo and marketing campaigns. Do you also think about your physical locations and how they appear to potential guests? Your facility and your brand identify go hand in hand. That’s why you want to maintain your properties consistently. KBS has the programs you need through Foodbuy Hospitality. You can turn to KBS for everything facility maintenance – interior and exterior.


Don’t Let Your Brand Image Fall Short

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If you aren’t making sure that every property you operate is well-kept, your image could suffer. Whether your locations are managed in-house or by franchisees, you want to make sure that every property has a consistently clean and orderly look. That means that every property has:


Well-kept exteriors and welcoming entryways. Guests can feel confident that you take pride in your business when you maintain your external structure.

Parking lots that are well-lit and free of debris and ice. A safe exterior space not only makes it easier for guests to reach your property, but it also associates your brand with comfort and care.

Fully ADA-compliant parking lots and entryways. Guests with limited mobility and their loved ones will appreciate the accommodations.

Brightly lit and clean lobbies. Check in time should be as stress-free as possible. A tidy environment can make guests confident in their decision to stay with you.

Tidy and comfortable rooms. Replacing sheets, towels, and toiletries is only half the process. You want each room to feel fresh and clean.


You need a services partner who understands that maintaining your brand image is top priority. Inability to keep up with cleaning tasks can lead to unhappy customers, decreased sales, and a poor reputation.

Who Is KBS?

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As the largest privately held provider of outsourced facility services in North America, KBS is able to take on assignments at scale. This company serves over 100K locations across the country daily, providing a full host of interior cleaning and janitorial services, along with exterior services, including snow removal, landscape maintenance, and parking lot sweeping.

KBS is one of the very few integrated facility services companies to offer a full portfolio or interior and exterior services. That means that you’re able to leverage their variety of services to bundle and customize your partnership.

Their scale and extensive services portfolio allow businesses to use their facility spend to get the best pricing possible. Combining facility upkeep needs with one vendor results in increased efficiencies, reduced administrative burden, and potential volume and bundle discounts.


Finding the Programs for Your Operation


Which services do you need most to keep your business operating smoothly? KBS has a full host of hospitality-specific offerings, including:


Nationally available cleaning services

Public health rapid response services

Hotline, prep line, and back line cleaning services

A variety of kitchen deep cleaning services


With more than 50 years of experience and a proven track record in the hospitality industry, KBS provides services for over 900 hotel and resort properties daily across millions of sq. ft. of space. Ask your Foodbuy Hospitality account manager about their programs today.


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