Get to Know Your Source for Apparel and Facility Services

Daily operations at any hotel, resort, or leisure venue involve a lot of moving parts. From your staff’s apparel to your building’s care, you need to properly resource every location to maintain your brand quality. That’s where Cintas comes in. This Foodbuy Hospitality supplier offers everything from uniform rentals to restroom cleaning services.

Built on Resourcefulness

Cintas grew from the economic hardships of the Great Depression. In 1929, founders Doc and Amelia Farmer were unemployed and looking to make ends meet. Their strategy of collecting old, used rags that factories had thrown away, launder them and selling them to businesses created the foundation for what would someday become Cintas.

As their business has grown, Cintas has become a trusted resource for apparel, facility and first aid supplies and testing and inspection of fire protection equipment. Their portfolio includes products and services that help contribute to a happy, healthy workplace for their clients.

Flexibility and Style Rolled Into One

The Cintas story began with laundering rags, and it didn’t stop there. This supplier offers widely trusted apparel programs, including both rental and purchase options. You can find a variety of high-quality options for every hospitality job function.

Uniforms for purchase are all accessible through the myCintas online ordering tool. This makes the process quick and easy, especially when it comes to finding items that fit your brand image. The Design Collective apparel collection features elevated pieces from multiple brands. Plus, custom design options make it easy to get the exact look you need.

Businesses looking for rental uniforms can opt for a Cintas Managed Apparel program instead. This program includes scheduled service with professional laundering – so your employees don’t have to worry about garment care. All of this comes with no upfront investment.

Facility Care You Can Count On

cintas facility care in the kitchen

Your buildings represent your brand – why wouldn’t you want to take care of them? Cintas offers facility maintenance products and services that help you maintain a pristine property. Eliminating dirt and germs is easier than ever due to their scheduled service visits and product replenishment.

In additional to hand sanitizers, restroom dispensers, and other sanitation supplies, Cintas provides a full suite of services, including:

Mat and Mop Services

Microfiber Services

Towel and Apron Services

Cintas UltraClean® Restroom Cleaning Services

Combine these products and services for a comprehensive germ-elimination strategy.

Access to the Programs You Want


Working with Cintas is easy when you’re already a Foodbuy Hospitality client. Our partnership allows you to identify products you’ll use at a price that works for your business. If you’re already a Member with us, ask your Foodbuy Hospitality account manager about Cintas programs today. We’ll help you decide on the ideal options that suit your needs.

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