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When planning your procurement strategy, you never want to go in blind. It’s important to get data on spend before making decisions that will affect your hotel or resort. You’ll stay up to date on savings and rebates with the Foodbuy Hospitality purchasing software in MPower. Our reporting options will provide all the information you need on your hotel supply network.


A Better View Into Your Hotel Supply Network


MPower is the gateway to your Foodbuy Hospitality account. This platform is the place to view your current programs, explore other product options, and view market updates. Maybe you want specific data on your account. The Results tab allows you to create customized reports using data from suppliers and your account manager.


Make Informed Purchasing Decisions


Before you adjust your procurement strategy, you’ll want to review as much information as you can about your current programs and the potential within the Foodbuy Hospitality hotel supply network. MPower Results has close-to-live updates on data that’s relevant to your business. You can slice and dice to suit your needs, customizing by metrics like distributors, manufacturers, categories, locations, and time periods.


You’ll be able to see the potential savings of new programs and track data trends, all from this hospitality purchasing software.


Updated Systems Lead to Better Planning


At Foodbuy Hospitality, we’re always trying to create newer and better systems for our members. That’s why we’ve launched an update to MPower to make tracking data even easier. As of September 2022, key metrics and graphics are more accessible than ever. With updates to data exporting and price verification software, you’ll be able to share information and track payments with ease.


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