Case Study

Foodbuy Hospitality Offers Procurement and Training Solutions to Major Resort Company

The Challenge:

Because this member’s reach is so large, switching to Foodbuy Hospitality’s procurement programs can make a huge impact. They were looking to increase program utilization by at least 85% to simplify procurement and increase rebate potential. Also, much of this member’s staff is made up of seasonal hires. Consequently, they wanted to find a way to standardize and simplify restaurant training techniques for their quick-service and mountain-dining establishments to improve efficiency and ensure consistent quality.

The Solution:

Foodbuy Hospitality provided a full consultation with the Compass Envision team to create detailed station guides and menus. These guides laid out the exact processes to be followed as well as specific menu changes. Once everything was planned, our team visited several of their properties to help set up the new training practices.


In addition to revamping training processes, our team also improved the member’s hospitality procurement strategy. Everything on the new menus was program compliant, leading to higher rebates and an incremental revenue increase.

The Results:

  • Training for seasonal employees is now simpler across locations, creating greater efficiency.
  • The member met their targeted contract utilization rates of 75% in 2021 and 85% in 2022.
  • The member saved over $588,516 in 2021 and $830,507 in 2022 through program changes.
  • Throughout the partnership, the Foodbuy team has assisted with fighting through supply chain issues and helping avoid product shortages.

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