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Your operation’s elevators keep things on the up and up, but finding the right elevator maintenance program can be tricky. This is especially the case if you’re hoping to save money without sacrificing quality, reliability, and safety for your guests. Luckily, the Foodbuy Hospitality team works with three trusted industry-leading suppliers to provide programs that will support your business.

When our Members come to us for elevator maintenance programs, they usually have a vendor in mind. However, they often have questions about how to move forward. Here are some common questions our account managers and category experts receive along with their answers.

Q: Do I Have to Partner With my Elevator Manufacturer for my Elevator Maintenance Program?


No. Across the elevator maintenance industry, suppliers can work on competitor equipment and purchase parts from other suppliers easily. In fact, 40-50% of the systems that maintenance suppliers work on were built by competitors.


Q: Can I Work With Different Operators in Different Regions?

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Yes. Foodbuy Hospitality offers national elevator maintenance programs, but you can also split programs up by regions, opting for one supplier in one area, and another in a different area.

However, working with one supplier on a national level offers benefits, including consistency across locations and national account support.


Q: Which Suppliers Does Foodbuy Hospitality Work With?


We currently offer elevator maintenance programs through TK Elevator and Otis Elevator.


Q: If I Already Work With One of the Above Suppliers, Should I Switch to Their Foodbuy Program?


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Switching to the Foodbuy program for TK Elevator or Otis Elevator has several benefits. In addition to cost savings, negotiated labor rates, and parts discounts; you can also benefit from the simplicity of working through our programs. Because we’ve already vetted our programs through our legal and category teams, you won’t have to deal with the work behind developing an SLA on your own.


Q: Do Foodbuy Hospitality Elevator Maintenance Programs Cover Escalator Maintenance, as Well?


Yes. These programs all cover escalator maintenance, alongside elevator maintenance.

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Q: What Happens Once I Sign on for Elevator Maintenance?


Providers will schedule a site survey to look at the age and condition of your equipment. They’ll take note of things like the number of elevators at each location, models, and capacity. Then, they’ll provide a detailed quote which leverages Foodbuy’s contracted pricing, and you can begin scheduling routine care.

Interested in the savings and convenience of Foodbuy Hospitality elevator maintenance programs? Contact your Foodbuy account manager now to get started. You can learn more about our supplies, equipment, and services programs here.

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