A Beautiful Lobby Is Part of a Successful Hotel Management Strategy

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You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. That applies to your hotel lobby as much as anything. That’s why creating the perfect lobby experience should be part of your hotel management strategy. You can start your lobby revamp and enhancements with several tips from the industry experts at Foodbuy Hospitality.

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Commit to an Atmosphere


The first step to creating an impressive hotel or resort lobby is deciding on your ideal look and feel. It’s important to focus on what makes sense for your business and brand. You may want to ask yourself a few questions to determine which look works best, including:


Who are our ideal guests? For example, business travelers or families.

Do we want to focus on exclusivity or approachability?

Do we have a color scheme we want to use in décor?

How do we want our space to make people feel?

What kind of guest lobby traffic flow do we want?

Should our space reflect local culture or sights?


The answers to these questions will influence the overall look and feel of your space. Whether you’re striving for a lobby that’s sophisticated or cozy, modern or traditional, monochromatic or colorful, planning the atmosphere should be included in your hotel management strategy.

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Focus on Branding


Your brand strategy is a guiding light for your hotel or resort. When it comes to things like setting up your lobby, you want to make sure you’re keeping brand elements in mind. Intertwining your branding with your lobby décor is essential to standing out in guests’ minds.


How can you add brand elements without overwhelming guests? The best way is to be intentional with logo placement. A logo on every surface is sure to feel redundant. However, putting your logo in an easy-to-see place on printed materials is helpful. Plus, adding your logo to important places like your front doors and your check-in desk is helpful for new travelers.


You can also incorporate parts of your branding without specifically using your logo everywhere. For example, you can use your brand colors as your main color scheme or use iconography on walls and signage. These pieces remind visitors of where they are without seeming too obvious.

Take Care With the Details

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Details matter in every area of your resort or hotel management strategy. Your lobby setup is no different. The smallest touches can vastly improve your guests’ experience checking in and out. For example, adding elements like charging stations near seats or fresh flowers by entrances can make guests feel immediately welcomed and accommodated. You can even consider where your property is located and add relevant artwork. Maybe your beach-side hotel needs an ocean-themed painting, or your NYC location could use a cityscape print.


Start With Supplies, Equipment, and Services


You can’t create the groundbreaking lobby experience you want without some materials and services. That’s where Foodbuy Hospitality comes in. We have a broad portfolio of supplies, equipment, and services, including programs for furniture, décor, and facility maintenance. Our team of Account Managers and category experts can support your hotel management strategy through reliable program recommendations.


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