Learn How to Effectively Onboard Suppliers for Your Hotels or Resorts


When you manage multiple venues across the country, finding ideal prices on supplies, equipment, and services becomes essential. However, determining which programs make the most sense at each of your properties can involve a lot of leg work and may lead to inconsistent results.

When looking at suppliers for hotels, resorts, and entertainment venues, you’ll want to move through the contracting and onboarding process carefully. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls when signing onto new services, equipment, and supplies programs below.


Aerial view of a pool cleaner cleaning a pool. suppliers for hotelsConnecting With Every Location

Whether your operations are regional or spread out across the country, you’ll want to make sure that the suppliers for your hotels or resorts are able to adequately serve every location. While a supplier may offer a program across multiple states, they may not have distribution options that are ideal for each area. It’s important to ask about distribution centers and average shipping times to make sure your entire business is getting the necessary accommodations.


Serving all your locations with equal efficiency is even trickier when it comes to services providers. Sourcing services on the national level has many benefits, like consistency across locations and visibility into spend, but finding a supplier that can accommodate every location in your business requires heavy research. Foodbuy can provide ashortcut by delivering the services programs you need at the right price.

Planning for the Long Run

Young man in uniform repairs the shower door in the bathroom. A male repairman repairs the shower cabin.

When you sign contracts with suppliers for your hotels or resorts, you want to make sure you’re protected from unexpected issues. That means verifying that your contract includes risk coverage.

The past several years taught us that you can’t always anticipate setbacks. However, you can prepare for the worst when you sign on with new suppliers. Ensuring that your partners have the proper insurance and indemnification coverage before you shake hands can save you from losses down the line. Plus, you may want to negotiate for exit clauses to cover situations such as non-performance, property sales, or moves to new management companies. This way, you’ll always have a backup plan if the relationship changes.


Getting the Answers You Need

Onboarding with suppliers for hotels, resorts, and entertainment venues is easier when you work with a group purchasing organization like Foodbuy Hospitality. Our category business management team has vetted and developed long-standing relationships with reputable national and regional supplier partners, assessing the best programs for your business based on both your needs and industry intel. Management is on-going and rigorous with our team of over 35 category experts supporting services, equipment, and supplies programs.


Getting started with Foodbuy Hospitality’s indirect spend programs is easy. You’ll go through the following steps:


  1. You’ll work with your account manager to define programs of interest based on your unique business needs.

  2. Our category business managers will vet opportunities with our supplier partners on your behalf.

  3. Once we have all the business requirements and details, we’ll run your program enrollments through our proprietary technology platform to make final connections and link your properties to our contracted programs.

Once enrollments are completed, your locations will be sent a welcome kit for each of their requested programs. This resource ensures your locations understand how to best take advantage of the value of our programs. Ready to get started? Fill out this form to become a Foodbuy Hospitality Member.

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The Future of Onboarding

Change is on the horizon for onboarding programs at Foodbuy Hospitality. Our development teams are diligently working on a new technology platform that would allow Members to submit program applications directly. From this new dashboard, you and your team would have the ability to sign on to programs and view acceptances faster than ever. Updates are expected by 2024.

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