A Successful Hotel Manager’s Guide to Attracting Concertgoers


When a major concert comes to town, the fans come knocking, often in droves. The recent Taylor Swift Era’s Tour proved this point bringing in $208 million in additional US hotel room revenue this year. As a successful hotel manager, you want to make sure you’re the top choice for lodging when events like this come around. To capitalize on this market, it’s a good idea to create an experience that harmonizes with the excitement of the event.

Read on to explore how to make your hotel an appealing option for travelers who are in town for a major concert.


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Marketing to the Music Scene

When advertising your hotel as a concertgoer’s paradise, you need to make sure you know your audience. The crowd that arrives for a pop diva may be looking for something different than a classic rock icon’s fans.


Luckily, you can cater your advertisements to suit the style of the artist in question. You may also consider running digital ads on ticket websites or optimizing your booking website with key terms related to the artist and their concert.


Finally, you can leverage social media to promote your hotel as the go-to destination for post-concert stays. This can look like:


Using specific event hashtags on your existing posts

Collaborating with local influencers to spread the word

Sharing user-generated content from previous concert attendees


You also may want to cross promote with local radio stations for room giveaways or create room packages specifically for concert attendees.

Offer Concert-Specific Amenities

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Equipping your property with amenities and services that specifically cater to concert attendees’ needs can make you the new go-to lodging space for travelers.

You can do things like offering shuttle services to and from the concert venue, especially if it’s a bit of a distance away. This provides your guests with a reliable and convenient way to get to and from the event. Successful hotel managers might even consider partnering with local transportation services or rideshare companies.

Concert attendees will likely also want a place to find information on the event. You can set up a dedicated area in your hotel where guests can access concert-related information. This may include details about the event like set times, parking options, and directions to the venue. Also, unless your lobby area is limited to playing specific music, consider playing the concert artists tracks during the heaviest guest check-in hours.


Plan for Influxes

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Do you know when big events are coming to your city? Many successful hotel managers make a point to keep track of upcoming events so that they can prepare their staff and optimize their ordering in advance.

If you think your restaurant or rooms may be booked up during a particular weekend, you’re able to schedule more front desk, restaurant, and custodial staff for hot times. As far as purchasing goes, you’ll be able to stock your kitchens with popular items before the rush to avoid embarrassing shortages.  If your venue has a bar service, consider adding a special cocktail after the music group or artist.


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