Streamline the Check-Out Process in Your Hotel With These Tips

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When the vacation is wrapping up or the business meetings are coming to a close, guests are looking for an easy exit. You want to make sure that the check-out process in your hotel or resort is as stress-free as possible to keep guests happy. After all, ending on a high note is a great way to make sure travelers plan return trips.


Foodbuy Hospitality has collected the tips of the trade to make your check-out procedure as easy as possible for your guests. Read on to learn more.


Prepping Guests for Their Exit

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One way to stay ahead of the check-out process in your hotel or resort is to educate guests about your protocol before it’s time to leave. While you don’t want to rush your visitors out the door, providing information on check out upfront can make it easier for them to leave when the time comes.


You can provide information in advance on leaving the rooms, returning keycards, and finalizing billing in brochures, welcome packets, and online. You can even include check-out information during the booking process. That way, your visitors know exactly what they’re getting into when they plan their stay. For example, if your hotel offers a noon checkout, make that clear to guests at check-in to avoid calls for a late checkout from 11AM to noon.


Making the Process Easy


When it’s time to check out, an efficient process makes a positive impact. There are many ways to make the in-person check-out process in your hotel easier. Here are a few things to focus on:


Make sure that your check-out desk is in a visible and convenient part of your lobby.

Train your staff thoroughly on the check-out process so that they can handle the job flawlessly.

Offer extra services like temporary bag storage or rideshare assistance.

Set up billing options for a variety of payment methods, including digital wallets and credit cards.

Consider adding self-serve kiosks or express desks for guests in a hurry.


Above all, the key to customer satisfaction from check in to check out is staff attentiveness. A positive attitude and willingness to help from every team member is your best bet when pleasing guests. Asking each guest about their stay or wishing them safe travels may seem like small gestures, but they can make a big impact.


The Rise of Contactless Check Outs

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While checking out in person is still preferred by many guests, contactless check outs have grown in popularity since 2020. Checking out on the go is great for travelers who prioritize speed and flexibility. If you don’t already have a digital check-out process in your hotel, it may be time to implement one. You can either add a mobile check out option to your mobile app or website. All it takes is a short form that alerts your staff that a guest is leaving.


Keep Guests Coming Back


Perfecting your check-out process in your hotel is just one of many ways you can build a positive reputation for your property and help bolster travel ratings. Foodbuy Hospitality can connect you with a full suite of products and services that will take your operation to the next level.


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