What’s Ahead for Hospitality Trends Post COVID?


As times change, so do the preferences of travelers. The 2020 pandemic made a long-term impact on many industries, and the world of travel is no exception. A recent report by Amadeus covered the ins and outs of hospitality trends in a post-COVID world.


Amadeus spoke with 22 experts from different fields and surveyed 10,345 travelers from 15 countries to collect data on the current state of travel. Read the biggest takeaways about business travel below.


Blended Travel: Combining Work and Leisure

Portrait of a young female traveler with a beautiful mountain and sea of fog in the morning Hospitality Trends Post COVID

Don’t mix business and pleasure? Today’s travelers ignore this age-old advice. Blended travel, also known as “bleisure,” has gained remarkable momentum in recent years. Travelers are seeking to maximize their business trips by extending them to include moments of leisure and exploration.


This trend reflects a desire to make the most of their travel experiences and create a healthy work-life balance. After all, why not seize the opportunity to explore new destinations, immerse oneself in local cultures, and make lasting memories while already on the road?


Hospitality and leisure operators can capitalize on this by offering business-traveler specials on tours or activities. They can also make sure that their booking staff is prepared to book trips that include one day on a business card and the next on a personal card. It’s all about flexibility when it comes to satisfying these travelers.


Prepaid Content: Simplifying Travel Experiences


Another notable hospitality trend in a post-COVID landscape is the increasing popularity of prepaid content. Travelers are opting to pay for various aspects of their trips in advance, making their travel experiences smoother and more streamlined. This can also feel safer for some, as it allows them to leave their credit cards safely at home or in their phones.


Consequently, the use of virtual cards has seen a surge, providing a convenient and secure payment method for these prepaid arrangements. Making sure your staff is well-versed in accepting this form of payment is more important than ever.

The Rise of Digital Nomads


With the continued prevalence of remote work across industries, the concept of digital

digital nomads Hospitality Trends Post COVID Man working inside camper van sitting at the table and looking outside the window the beautiful beach and ocean in background. Concept of freedom lifestyle and remote online worker people

nomadism has gained significant traction. Business travelers, now equipped with the ability to

work from anywhere, are embracing the freedom to combine work and travel in unprecedented ways.

Digital nomads, untethered from the traditional office environment, can set up their virtual offices in picturesque locations, bringing their work and personal lives together seamlessly. This newfound flexibility and mobility have opened up exciting opportunities for professionals seeking to expand their horizons and embrace a nomadic lifestyle.


Looking to accommodate this hospitality trend of the post-COVID industry? Many operators are adding remote work accommodations to their properties, from rooms that include conference areas, to enhanced communal work areas, you’ll want to set up your nomadic guests for success.

Cropped shot of an unrecognizable digital nomad sitting alone and typing on his laptop during the day at airport

Staying Ahead of Trends

Making changes to your facility, training process, and accommodations in response to industry trends is the best way to keep a competitive edge. Today’s world seems to change faster than ever. That’s why staying nimble is essential.


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