Case Study

Diversey Switch Provides 45% Net Savings

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The Challenge:

The Member was using housekeeping, laundry and ware wash solutions from a supplier contracted by their former GPO, which included chemicals, dosing systems and lease dish machines. When they left their former GPO, they lost that supplier contract. In an effort to fit purchasing best practices, they turned to Foodbuy Hospitality for help with a conversion. The goals were SKU reduction and product quality improvement, as employees were having to wash linens multiple times to get them clean in the old laundry machines.

The Solution:

The team at Foodbuy Hospitality helped this Member make a seamless switch to Diversey products without effecting their existing distribution plan. After testing in three pilot locations, the Member agreed to make the switch.

New ware washing and laundry equipment was installed in all properties within 4-6 weeks of the conversion launch. This included sustainable machines that reduced plastic bottle use and simplified cleaning processes. Plus, the improved laundry dispensing equipment was able to reduce overall water and energy usage. Diversey also provides this Member with routine maintenance services per their agreement. These visits include equipment and process inspections.

The Results:

Following purchasing best practices through Foodbuy Hospitality programs and recommendations has allowed this Member to cut costs and simplify processes.

  • SKU reduction from 145 to 44.
  • 39% price savings and 45% net savings.
  • Enhanced sustainability through less plastic and energy use.

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