Case Study

Leisure Park Operator Converts $2M+ in Programs for 11% Savings

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The Challenge:

In the wake of the 2020 pandemic, this Member came to Foodbuy Hospitality with cost savings and efficiencies at the forefront of their planning. Furthermore, with an expanding growth plan amid volatile market fluctuations, negotiating deals in-house to mitigate price increases was unsustainable and lacked quality controls.   

The Foodbuy Hospitality partnership aimed to support a successful procurement strategy to begin generating savings on day one while managing the legwork of the transition during the Member’s peak season to avoid operational impact. 

The Solution:

Multiple Foodbuy teams contributed to a multi-faceted solution, including: 

  • The Culinary Solutions Team created a hands-on consultative partnership at the very start with a cutting to showcase best-value Foodbuy product offerings without sacrificing quality. Their ongoing support included hosting multiple onsite cuttings, expedited product reviews, and SKU rationalizations to refine order guides and route parks to cost-advantaged buying behaviors. 
  • The dedicated onboarding team led the implementation of program pricing to address immediate savings and to identify opportunities to streamline order guides and drive optimized purchasing. In conjunction with this review, Foodbuy completed a competitive analysis of the Member’s pre-existing direct deals to support the savings rationale to transition those deals to the Foodbuy program.   
  • Foodbuy’s Supply Chain Category subject matter experts directly supported a straightforward decision-making process for the Member via a data-driven approach with actionable guidance. 
  • Finally, the Foodbuy Hospitality distribution team helped align the Member to the best distribution partnership to support their seasonal business needs. This facilitated a unified distribution relationship to back these initiatives. 

The Results:

  • Consolidated reporting across all locations  
  • Double digit savings with upfront program implementation 
  • Over 15% improved purchasing compliance within three months of program inception 
  • Converted over $2M in seasonal spend from a self-managed direct deal to the Foodbuy program resulting in over 11% savings to the Member 

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