Case Study

Member Saves $88K With Help From Culinary Solutions Team

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The Challenge:

Following a move away from a prior group purchasing organization, this Member set out to achieve increased partnership support and savings. Their vast portfolio of an array of hotel types with different needs, meant that delivering flexibility and quality while driving value were absolutes. An ideal procurement program would need to be nimble enough to support all locations with versatile needs.

The Solution:

Taking a culinary-driven approach was essential to directly influence and impact purchasing at the property level. The Foodbuy Culinary Solutions Team began by developing core purchasing needs through a series of product cuttings backed by data-driven analytics. This process was completed over the course of several months. Once core needs were established, onsite consultations were held to support property-specific needs and ultimately enhance buying behaviors.

Culinary engagement led the Member to convert to over 230 approved products, streamlining purchasing across all locations.

Since establishing a solid foundation, purchasing performance has been closely monitored by Foodbuy Hospitality with a set cadence to review new opportunities. The Foodbuy Culinary Solutions team is also continuing to offer long-term strategizing and support to further savings and program benefits.

The Results:

  • $88K YTD in savings due to 230 recommended conversions
  • 6.4% food cost reduction post consult

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